About TransportCommander

  • TransportCommander is a product built and maintained by the programmers of LogiNet.
    Located on the campus of Amsterdam Science Park, LogiNet tries to bring Science into the world of Logistics.
    Since 1997 LogiNet creates applicaton tools and services for the online transport community.
  • TransportCommander is a cloud software application designed for shippers and forwarders.

What to do with TransportCommander

  • TransportCommander is your Control Tower to manage all your shipments, at any carrier, to anywhere, from anywhere.
  • All your shipments on one page, assign shipments to carriers and send out orders and EDI files.
  • Follow your shipments and monitor position, status, warnings, delays etc.
  • See expected pick-up and delivery times.
  • Print documents (Manifests, Labels, CMRs, BoL, etc).

How to use TransportCommander

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